Saturday, November 27, 2004

National Treasure
Every now and then I have this strong urge to just go and watch a movie - it's like movie movie movie movie - doesn't matter if it's good movie or a bad movie or if people are accompanying me or not blah blah - I just have to watch a movie. Tonight was one such night - before I get into the grueling studying mode of tomorrow I had to watch a movie. So I went for National Treasure; without any expectations other than maybe a few wise quips and some OK-ish thrills. However, even though the critics seem to largely disagree with me, I loved the movie. It had an interesting premise, excellent on-screen chemistry, good star cast, great lines and lotsa thrills. So if you haven't watched this flick and like unadulterated popcorn entertainment - go for this one. As a matter of fact I think I like "most" Jerry Bruckheimer action films (no, Kangaroo Jack doesn't qualify in that category). Also I kept wondering while watching the movie what it is abt Nicolas Cage that makes him quite watchable as an action hero even though he doesn't necessarily look like one. My guess is it's Cage's "real" quality which makes him thoroughly authentic as a man in distress. Quite a treasure this one is I must say.

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