Friday, November 05, 2004

Not all happy and gay
The Delhi High Court rejected a plea to allow homosexuals to marry in India (read story). To me the whole issue is funny because I find it pure joblessness on the part of the moral police to spend their time caring abt what two people do in their own bedroom - I'm sure that many men and women perform sexual activities that are far more twisted and nothing is said against them. Have you ever thought abt the fact that if the homosexuals were a majority then "we" would be the queer folks in their eyes? It's just a matter of accepting people who are different from us and that's the root issue - whether it's on the ground of caste, color, creed or sexuality - inherently its discrimination of individuals because they are different from us and that's wrong.

On a lighter note I remember Ellen Degeneres in her recent HBO special. She said that a lot of people make the argument that "if we allow them to sleep with their own kind the next thing you'll see them doing is sleeping with a goat". Degeneres then did an amazing stand up act (which I can't even try to reproduce in print form) questioning why we can't imagine anything in between - why is it that we think of man-man or woman-woman and the next logical step in progression for us is man-goat - seriously are we that far sighted?

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