Monday, November 15, 2004

Well, this is a moment of responsibility as well as amusement for me. In the past I have referred to Zee (name and sex withheld) and our interactions in this bog. Interestingly, there are some aspects of Zee's life that Zee doesn't want Y (maybe a man, woman, group, machine or even animal) to know (I wonder Y). Now to the best of my knowledge Y doesn't even know abt the existence of my blog but nevertheless Zee wants to play it safe. So Zee requested me to not slip in info abt him/her that might screw her/him in front of Y. The whole thing made moi blog feel very important :)) So, from now I shall refrain from mentioning Zee in this blog OR maybe I'll over mention him so that Y doesn't find out that this post was abt Zee. To top it all, Zee will read this post later tonight and lemme know if it is cryptic enuff to not reveal anything to Y from this post itself - so there is a good chance that some people might not even read this entry :( I have only one word of advice - take it ea-Zee.

perhaps zees gender could be concealed more effectively if you didnt refer to him as 'him'
:) either that OR it was an intensional mistake :) anyway thanks to your comment and my answer to that we can confuse Y even further
was spelling intentional intensional also intentional? very confused now.
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