Sunday, November 21, 2004

Pick your choice
Should have posted this hilarious incident some time back itself but forgot to. This concerns my darling dad. My family spends a fair amount of time discussing absolute nothings. One of the favorite afternoon lunch table topic is planning Pummy's wedding (though the girl doesn't plan to tread that path any time soon). Interestingly, even though it's just random ramblings, Mummum and Bubin often plan things very meticulously - "which hotel?", "... no no not in a hotel, that's too impersonal", "do we invite that family friend" etc. etc. etc. - you can hear Mr. and Mrs. Nandy argue. End of the start - premise for story built ...

Main story begins - the other day they got down to planning how many people should be invited and who they'll be. Bubin started taking strong objections to some of the relatives from my mom's side, claiming that we haven't seen them in ages and it would be better to keep things that way. "Na na, Rini-di called us for her son's marriage in 1990 ..." Mom would retort. Finally dad came up with this innovative and hilarious solution - Pummy's wedding invitation card will have photos of four girls including Pummy. All guests have to tick on one girl they think is Pummy before entering the venue. If the answer is right the guests will be given a coupon at the gate and these coupon's will be used as a pass to the dinner section :)

Bubin is also trying to convince Pummy to elope, so that he can just say, "I did not support the marriage and so we aren't throwing a party." What is most annoying is that my folks don't plan anything abt my marriage - they too, like most people, don't believe in a bad investment :(

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