Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Potluck Galore
I have a potluck to attend tomorrow. So moi has to decide on what to make/take there to prove my culinary expertise. Last year, for the same potluck, Vineet, Rishi and the epicurean me had spent a wonderful afternoon making soft, sumptuous and succulent gulab jamuns, only to see a whole bunch of people (a) not bring anything (b) bring nachos and chips or nachos and chips (c) bring items which were evidently leftovers from their own personal meals. So this year I have decided to revolt - moi shall not spend the time and energy when it is not appreciated and at the same time I don't want to go there empty handed. So I have decided to take something quite radical for a potluck - milk - that too an entire gallon of 99.5% fat free milk. Seriously, why not? It's more healthy than nachos, almost all of us take it and it can easily be combined with lots of existing items - people around me still feel I am joking but as they say in Hindi - tomorrow doodh ka doodh and paani ka paani ho jayega.

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