Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Shameless request
Hi, this is a time to post a request, seek a favor, beg for help etc. etc. etc. For those unaware, the author of this blog also poses as a Computer Science PhD student every now and then. He also claims that he is doing research that will help people in some form (albeit in an obscure way). Blah blah. Anyway, the PhD student is currently working on this project which tries to see how isolated Desktop users using Windows OS use their machines. We want to see how much of the CPU, disk space, memory and network is used by these machines. Based on this we plan to formulate a whole bunch of blah blah theories. Yanyway - I basically need kind eager souls who are separated from each other in space to run this small profiler on their Windows machines for 10 days. I can assure you that the profiler doesn't track any of your sensitive (?) data and does not transfer any information from your machine to any place. So if you are kind enough to help a needy techie this Holiday season can you please install the following software:


The software will not affect your performance (it uses 1% CPU time and less than 3MB memory) and will not crash your machine either. The program comes with an uninstaller which you can use to remove it after ten days (or any other time you are unhappy). We have tested the prog and it dint crash, but in case it ever does I have provided an icon on the desktop and will highly appreciate if you just start the prog again by clicking the icon.

I doubt how many people will buy this argument and install this stuff but it's always a good thing to try the power of the web :) Also in case you do install it can you please send me a mail saying who you are so that I can personally thank you with a sentimental mail :) and also request you to send me the final log file when you are done (as I said we will not transmit any data from your machine on our own).

Thanks for reading through the most boring post on this blog. Adios.

Is this offer valid still? Will I still get a senti personal mail if I install this? :) ;)
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