Sunday, November 14, 2004

A short film
Subs recommended the short film "Portrait" to me that can be found on the main page of Amazon.com. After BMW, it's now Amazon's turn to release a bunch of short films on their site. While the BMW films were basically promotions of their sleek powerhouses, the first film released by Amazon doesn't have anything to do with the online giant. The near 10 minutes film started nicely (including the adjective "dermatologically-correct" to describe a girl which I found very amusing) but ended lame with a striking resemblance to Shallow Hal. What I found most surprising was to find Minnie Driver in a small role that anybody could have done (the role is almost an extension of her character in Will and Grace). The Oscar nominated actress deserves better. Anyway, bottomline - if you are kind of jobless and have 10 mins to spare - check out the film.

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