Sunday, November 07, 2004

Simply solution
Before I scoot off for Sea World - lemme mention this interesting incident. We were sitting in the university and discussing "reminder technologies". The group comprised of students and professors and we were speculating abt the different technologies people use in practice. So the question was thrown around the room and lot of interesting answers popped up:

1. Stickers.
2. Electronic Personal Organizers.
3. Mailing systems.
4. One of the professors actually uses a ToDo text file which he periodically mails to himself.
5. Some guy said he throws clues around the room along his early morning path so that it reminds him - I found this one really different (aka hatke)!

Then finally the question reached a quiet Chinese girl who seemed confused by the question - thought for a while, and said - "I just remember things"!

Nice, sweet, simple, effective.

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