Monday, November 15, 2004

Skipping the skipper
Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly has one of his biggest and most biased fans in my dad. It doesn't matter what Ganguly has done to get himself flak, Bubin always has a good explanation supporting Dada. Some of these explanations seem plausible while other range between highly entertaining and highly unlikely theories. Like last night he pointed out that the ICC's decision to impose a two match ban on Ganguly is comparable to what happened to Steve Waugh - Ganguly has just risen above the system and thus the system is out to get him now. Bubin is also irked by the way the media has treated Ganguly. He is of the opinion that when the team performs well and India wins the credit goes to the entire team but even if the entire top order fails during an Indian defeat, Ganguly alone is brought under the guillotine. Bubin is specially irked with Ravi Shastri and Sanjay Manjrekar, who seem to be giving Ganguly a tough hand from the commentator's box.

Anyway, I don't know to what extent Bubin is right but I did read this article just now and it seemed highly biased against Ganguly. As a matter of fact TOI has been strangely biased against the man over the past few weeks. Just goes on to show that success often has no friends and its perks are as transient as success itself.

i think this paternal obsession with ganguly is universal. once when i was in college in delhi, and ganguly scored a century in some random ODI, my baba called up at 4pm (i.e. full rate, at a time when STD wasn't this cheap) to say: dekhli, dada ki dilo!

personally i think the two match ban is harsh. but i have noticed over the last couple of years that india is one of the slowest teams in international cricket in terms of completing their overs- and there's always this mad rush at the end if we're bowling first. and if not, the match ends really late. it's something i've noticed consistently and ganguly contributes to this process. but then again, this is all about management, discipline blah blah. why blame the poor man alone?
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