Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Style et al.
I was telling my roommates how both of them have different styles when it comes to "trying" to woo women. As a matter of fact I feel every man/woman has a unique ambiance and target group in which they perform best. Let's take my two apt mates X and Y.

X-actly: X is soft spoken but a romantic at heart. He can't win a girl in a party. There are too many people and too much noise to allow him to make a move. He needs to be alone with a girl - not once, not twice but at least 5-6 times before the girl sees his inherent gentle heart. To make that happen it's best if X finds a girl who is seeking emotional support coz then the girl is also looking for a dedicated confidant and X fits that roll to the T. So you'll never see X approach strong women - it's not his ball game, but come the delicate soul and X will have her mesmerized in a week's time.

Y-not: Y on the other hand will not fare well with X's dream woman - for that matter Y will not fare well with any girl expecting undivided attention. Y is likely to slip in a gaff every once in a while making him quite the opposite of what these women want. Y is, what I call, the "lion and deer hunter". He does well in a group - there has to be at least 3 guys and 2 women in the group. The other men will act as catalyst to Y's charms and he'll try to leverage on their strengths and benefit from their weaknesses. The fact that the group has more than one woman will give Y more options. Like the skilled lion Y will wait and see which deer (or is it dear) is an easier catch, watch every move and then wait for that one moment when the person is most likely to accept his move.

P.S. Both X and Y agreed to my analysis :) So if you want me to analyze your dating domain send me $25 as cash/check/worn-T-shirts/any-thing-else-of-value and I'll reply back with cheap and guess worthy advice ASAP.

If I'm not mistaken, 'et al' means 'and others'. The last word 'others' implies that the usage of 'et al' should be restricted to humans e.g Towsend, Rush et al.
Of course, once the AI community succeeds in producing a HAL (of 2001: A Space Odyssey fame), then we can extend it to computers too (but still because they emulate humans).

Nice reading,anyways.
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