Saturday, November 27, 2004

Technicality dear Watson
I spotted Subs reading a Computer Science journal paper and Sherlock Holmes side by side. He told me that the technical paper was very boring and he was stimulating himself by reading the more exciting Holmes affairs. This made me wonder why technical papers are so dull and I think I've found out the reason - it's the Abstract. All technical papers begin with an abstract that goes "In this paper ... blah blah blah ... we have done blah and our results can be summarized as blah". That's it - the whole paper has been summarized in one paragraph. Why do we need that? Can you imagine a Sherlock Holmes story beginning with "In this story Holmes tries to unravel the murder of a beautiful lady ... blah blah ... and to summarize the husband's cousin is the culprit." No! They never do that. We should do the same - keep the mystery of the paper intact till the last line - keep the reader guessing till the very end if real time profiling of Java programs is a good idea :) Yeah! That should cheer things up for us. What say Watson?

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