Thursday, November 18, 2004

... and just when I had started complaining abt lack of interesting things on the web, a growing trend has engrossed me - it's called webisodes (web+episodes). It all started after I saw a feature on CNBC on an apparent growing trend in US advertising where you don't push sell the product but make advertisements that entertain people with the hope that as long as the product is mentioned in some form - people will buy your product. So instead of making small 1/2-1 min ads that barely convey a message, advertisers are increasingly spending on making short film-like ads that are more movie-ish in content and people are actually eager to catch them. Moreover, these films can be placed on the web where the air time is free - so it's a whole new trend in advertising. American Express had roped in Jerry Seinfeld for its Super Man series, BMW hired some of the biggest cult directors for its series of shorties, the other day I mentioned Amazon doing the same and now Nicole Kidman can be seen in the whoppingly expensive 3 minute film for Chanel.

That's how I found out about webisodes. There are so many of them online where people have put up really entertaining short films that can be viewed free of cost. Check out this site for a fairly decent list of webisodes and specially check out this one which is hilarious.

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