Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What's in a name?
I dunno if any of you've ever met an Indian who has an Americanized version of his/her name. I've met quite a few of them - enuff to devote a post on them. The latest one is called Karthik Bharath whose initials are KB which when reversed is BK and sounds like Beck - so he calls himself Beck. If you are a follower of mediocre Punjabi music you might have heard of Jazzy B. From what I recall the sassy name is a distorted version of Jaswinder Singh Bains. A few months back I met someone called Rob Roy. Now in this case I wasn't even aware that Mr. Roy was an Indian, leave alone a Bengali. However, soon I was introduced to Mr. Rabindranath Roy aka Rob and was pleasantly amused.

All this makes me wonder what'll be a good American name for me. I have tried westernizing my last name, Nandy, but that doesn't work very well coz it gets mistaken as Andy. Maybe Nick (from Sagnik) but moi not too keen on that either. Whatever be the case, my troubles are miniscule compared to my sis aka Sangsthita :))

Incidentally, here are some other Indian names that I could westernize without much difficulty:

Siddharth - Sid
Ranajit - Ronny (courtesy me people actually address him as Ronny Dam)
Antara - Tara
Bahety - Betty (yeah! that'll make him a girl though)
Preeti - Pretty (I even asked her if that was a noun or an adjective)
Ari - Harry
Samit - Sam

Feel free to recommend more.

ei, tara? no one has ever called me that. have been called ant a few times. i normally introduce myself as 'ontora' and ppl do get it. i'm really particular :P
saranya (my boyfriend) when he was in the UK briefly as an exchange student in high school was called shazzy.
have YOU never been called shazzy? i have a nephew called nikhil...named so because he'd become nick eventually. then there are those who use just a part of their name. my didi is called sharmishtha. she calls herself 'sharmi' pronounced like smarmy. i have an american friend called oeindrila. i cant even phonetically write how she pronounces her name to americans. i can think of lots of other examples. kintu ekhon ghum peyechhey!! goodnight.
Hey...ok, what do I call you?? Shaggy, as far as I can remember , thats what you were called in BITS! Me art your junior from the promised land in the desert too... thot I'd add in this colleague of mine who got married to a bong name "Atanu", rather "Otono". The way she pronounced it, I thot she was referring to someone in the Kenyan cricket team :-) He would be called "Eton" or "Aaron" or some such thing I am sure, for the sake of simplicity!
Hey Aarti, nice to hear from you. Bong names make heavy use of "O" and that makes them diff to say even in other parts of India, leave alone US e.g. we call Sanjay "Sonjoy" etc. So I sure feel the plight of Atanu :) Incidentally most ppl here pronounce the "g" in my name as "j", calling me "Sajnik".
Chakravarty (or Chakroborty in BongSpeak) == Chuck
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