Thursday, November 11, 2004

Where's the web?
I am desperately searching for interesting things on the web. All the news sites speak the same stories (makes me wonder whatever happened to innovative journalism), the market closes by 1 pm CA time so I can't track my stock prices after that, movies release on Friday and I exhaust reading their reviews and box office collections within two days of release. My only solace comes from the fairly large number of interesting blogs that people have been writing (darn, Antara just reported that she wouldn't be blogging for a while and Suhail has become sporadic too).

So I set out on a quest to find out what's happening to the web. The first thing I noticed was that most web sites reporting Internet usage were back dated (that effectively means that either the statistics aren't that interesting or it's becoming increasingly difficult to collect the data). I finally found this highly comprehensive site and if you see the statistics you can see that the growth rate of users hasn't decreased (I was slightly surprised by this). The site also had a link to the most visited sites and I'm gonna use that as a map to find more places to visit over the next few days. However, there was no data supporting how many sites people visit on an average (the information that I was originally looking for). Nevertheless, I now have enough material to keep me busy browsing for the next few days. Well, a little research can indeed help :)

Pretty soon, we'll all be online. Hey look a link:
Web Development and Windows Hosting
ami kichhu din porey blog korbo. jokhon korbo i'll send u the URL. just don't make it public! long story.
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