Thursday, November 18, 2004

Wonder if he knows me?
There is this guy with whom I keep bumping in at the gym almost everyday. It's almost creepy now since I don't have a fixed gym going time - so it doesn't matter - I might be visiting the gym at the 7-8.30 "weekdays - crowded like mad" spot, or it could be the 10-11 Friday "losers alone" slot or even the "stray morning visit" slot - the guy always seems to be there. I have wondered whether he notices the coincidences too - whether he thinks I am more buddy than the other strangers in the gym, or if at least we'll talk about the coincidence in case we bump into each other on the road some day? It's funny how we (or at least me) spend a fair amount of time thinking about things whose basic premise is a bunch of far fetched assumptions. Interesting!

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