Sunday, December 19, 2004

Acute alcoholic

"What do you call a sweet looking drunkard? .... A cute alcoholic".

Well well, nothing cute about my inebriated state though. For a "till-recent" teetotaller like me a lot remains to be learnt about the dos and donts of drinking. e.g. Moi wasn't aware of the fact that often the effect of alcohol starts much later. So the other night I took four shots of white rum without realizing that it is only later that I'll suffer. Got my first official hangover. The result was lack of sleep and throwing up and two days of absolute lethargy and queasiness. Hmmmm! Lesson learnt.

Have my conference in Bangalore tomorrow - can't wait to go to Kolkata. So blogging will hopefully be more regular from day after tomorrow. Incidentally saw Hindi movie trailers after eons and boy was I excited to see them. Yanyways! More later.

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