Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Annual Summary - 1
Hmmm! Junta seems to be doing this and I think it's a good thing. I shall break this post into two parts - summary of 2004 and resolutions for the coming year. So here's a brief summary of 2004:

Overall feeling: Mixed

Achievements: A few small ones - mostly academic, nothing remarkable for sure

New Good habits: Started blogging, started working out a lot more

New Bad habits: Finally gave up my teetotaller status

Heart-breaks: One (yeah yeah - I spent a fair amount of blog space on that alone)

Happiest moment: No single one stands out

Saddest moment: Let me not answer that

Funniest moment: Quite a few e.g. home video at Vipul's place

Fav movie: Kill Bill II (Tarantino is a genius), I Heart Huckabees (for its sheer vagueness), visually speaking I loved Hero and Sky Capain

Worst movie: Julie (I'm sure there are others)

Fav songs: Jesus Walks (Kanye West), 99 problems (Jay-Z), Ladki Kyon (Hum Tum), Tere Liye (Veer Zaara)

New friends made: 3-4

Old friends lost: 2

Crushes: 1-2

Trips to home: 2

New countries visited: 0 (actually I visited Thailand in end Dec 2003)

Major buys: Car, new laptop, camcorder

Major sells: The only thing I sold this year was probably a used book on Investment Strategies (also tried selling my Intro to Filmmaking book - but no one bought it)

Books read: 2-3

Films watched: 100-150

Which one better - "2003 OR 2004" ? Don't know.

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