Sunday, December 05, 2004

Can I have your number please?
Subs mentioned that even though names are not unique we still use them to refer to people. The system could have very easily been one based on numbers so that there weren't any such confusions. Every person will have, say a 10 digit publicly known unique id number that can be used to address him. Obviously this wouldn't be a very likely social policy but I got thinking on how things would change in case things were like this:

Boy: Excuse me miss. What's your name?
Girl: I am 1248921100.
Boy: Wow! That's a nice name. What do your friends call you?
Girl: Oh, people close to me call me 1248.
Boy: You won't believe it - I have another friend called 1248.
Girl: What?
Boy: Yeah! But her last name is 734429.
Girl: OK! Yeah, 1248 is a common name in North India etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Won't that be funny?

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