Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A cup of Socie-tea
I was watching a program on the newly (at least it wasn't around when I came to Kol in August) launched channel Zoom. They were interviewing tons of celebrities and asking them their views on all things insignificant. While these luminaries graced us with their opinion, they printed their professions below on the screen. These read - actor, anchor, DJ, fashion designer ... AND ... "Socialite". For a few heavily decked and accented women their profession was that of a socialite. What? I missed this option completely when my dad laid down my career choices for me (that's actually stressing it too far coz dad dint give any of the other mentioned professions as an option either). No seriously - what or who is a socialite? What do they do? What does a socialite's resume have? Do they switch jobs? Do they have regular working hrs? Duh! I am lost again!!!!

socialite is someone who is famous for being famous (:-))
love your blog and your wonderful writing is forcing me to browse through all the archives
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