Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Eleven are back and more
Had to see Ocean's Twelve first day and did so. The critics dint quite like the movie - the main complain being that it doesn't add anything new to the original - bottomline, I liked the first one and if this one is just like that there is no reason I should dislike it - so I went and saw it. I liked it - more than liked it - liked the original more - but loved the fact that the movie took itself so lightly. You can almost imagine these people sitting and lazing around and making a movie in between. The camaraderie is awesome - the plot is interesting (albeit mildly confusing) and the star cast couldn't have been better (though Zeta Jones's character isn't that great). Without divulging the plot details - I loved the Julia Roberts bit. So go watch it - coz you've probably seen a lot of crap and this aint no shit but pure fun. So go and n-joy it!

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