Thursday, December 30, 2004

End of the Year
Hmmm! 2004 is abt to end and suddenly I feel a set of mixed emotions. For starters, I feel elated to spend the end of the year and the start of 2005 with my family. It's wonderful! However, there are other people who I wish were here too. It's been a loooong time since the Dam's threw their year end party and I miss that for sure; I miss the time Sourav, Abhik and I reveled aimlessly on 31st night ...

I had this extended talk with Sanjay and Abhik yesterday on whether we are indeed changing. They felt we "were" changing and that we "have" to while I was thinking (or claiming or trying to think or some thing) more old school. I miss being frivolous - I miss the choice of having friends around me all the time. This part of growing up where one faces new terrains and challenges all alone is very different (difficult) for me. G is right - I am immature and I need people around me to bring out the best in me; but I never thought that's a bad thing. I always thought that I'll find people similar to me around me and suddenly things seem to have changed. Maybe I'll change too BUT I don't want to initiate that change just because society expects me too BUT a single individual has rarely combated societal impositions and I shall fall prey to the demands too I guess. I don't know. Early morning is not a good time to think on all these things - I need to just stay chill!

So here is wishing all you people a WONDERFUL year end. Have a greeeeeeeeat time. May GOD bless us all

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