Wednesday, December 22, 2004

From Kolkata
I have caught a cold, am kinda sleepy and it is pretty hot in here - but but but - I am back in Kolkata and that is all that matters. Bangalore was awesome and I have to thank Sourav, Chitra, Revathy and Leslie mainly for the excellent time out there. Met up with Subo too (it was great meting him) and bumped into Shrankala (whom I have met a few times before) and Shree (whom I had never met before). Have a wedding invitation to attend in a few hours and then have to come home and catch up on all the Hindi music I have been mising out on - I have alrady started liking this song calld "Billa Ka Jaana" (I hope I got the name right). Get rady for some good ol' Indian blogging - a whirlwind update ofthe country from moi :)

Welcome to India! Have a great time! Hope u remembered to miss me in Bangalore;-)))?
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