Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hot Helpful Housewives
I have ranted aplenty abt the incessant spams I get. Earlier these social do-gooders just wanted me to be more qualified and kept offering me degrees that could be acquired in anything between a day and a month. I guess they then figured out that I'm quite happy with my ongoing PhD - so they started offering me a vacation - every possible tourist destiation was offered at the "Cheapest rates ever" but I still dint respond. I was then offered more Viagra than one could ever ask for but I refused to think "that big". Then money was used to lure me in - I was pre-approved for every possible mortgage loan. When they understood that I am not feeling "loansome" they decided to take the "lonesome" route - as a result in the last ten days I have been bombarded with "lonely housewife mails". I have seriously started wondering what kind of a person fantasizes abt lonely housewives - a lonely housewife is not a physicial or mental state, it doesn't reveal anything abt who/what/how a person is - so why advertise them. However, after deep thiking (I am a thinker after all you see) I think I know the advantages:

1. No long term commitments.

2. They probably know how to cook - so expect a good meal.

3. Their sons or husbands can be your friend in the future. Easy access to a snooker buddy.

So am I interested? NO. Look at the pitfalls:

1. Their sons and husbands can (will) probably be stronger than you.

2. They might not know how to cook - that might be the reason that they are lonely and bored. They are just going to use you to learn cooking. That's serious food for thought.

3. No long term commitments.

So to all the spammers - Enuff, no more.

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