Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Images that come to mind
A friend of mine recently mentioned that people who blog often take themselves very seriously. I found it very funny, specially coz every time I think of that statement I somehow think of:

a guy who stays in a yellowish broken house. he comes in and his wife enters the room and asks "have you brought any food for our kid? he is hungry and has been that way for two days." the man, wearing thick spectacles, looks up and says "there are more important things than that". Saying this he goes and starts his computer and blogs abt his day.

I know the image is terribly flawed. For starters, how does a guy who can't afford food for his family maintain a computer and net connection etc. BUT every time I sit to blog I think of this image :)

Similarly, there are lots of things in my mind that I associae with funny images. For example, while in Pilani I once asked Arijit abt some girl in his batch and he said "Eeeee maa! Why are you asking abt that girl? She looks like a maid servant!" Even though I thought the girl was quite pretty, thereafter every time I saw her I imagined her in a saree with a broom in her hand :) Ari (I know he reads my blog) - you a#*&&#, you completely marred this girl's image in my mind :)

One more mental image association and moi shall sign off - G has a bright yellow dress whose luminance is eye catching to say the least - every time I saw that dress I imagined her in a dark lane with a little street kid sitting next to her (she is standing) and reading his text book in the brightness of her dress.

Hmmm, I think I am mad!

I thought I was the only one with such weird images running in my mind! So glad to know I have some company :-)

Hope you are having a fantastic time in kolkata.
I just came back from Kolkata after 4 weeks stay..should have met you there.
Rathish - great to know I have company - some day you and I should discuss our images over a bottle of cheap alcohol in the "yellow house" of the distressed blogger :))

To the Anonymous poster - we should have definitely met up in Kol - I would love some good company now.
Dada, Go to www.googlism.com and put in your first name. You will be proud of the results, well maybe not but still good fun.
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