Friday, December 31, 2004

In 2005 I plan to ...
Aha! Everyone is doing it. Glimpse through the newspaper and every actor, actress, politician, sportsperson, Tom, Harry and their other friend have come up with their New Year resolutions. So moi shall do the same, if not for anything else I can at least do a reality check same time next year:

1. Get done with my PhD. Hmmm! I know I am being optimistic when I hope (wish, pray) for this but I really wanna get done with the degree this year.

2. Complete the requirements of a minor in finance.

3. Make lotsa new friends. I have figured out that I work best when I have great friends in my life. So any friendly, nice people reading this - if you want a slightly cranky new buddy - I'm the guy.

4. Start doing some serious social work. I told Nileen a long time back that "most people don't end up doing social work because they think big and refuse to do small" and I have fallen prey to that exact philosophy. I have to stop thinking that some day I will help lotsa people and just start with whatever little I can do now. My sincere apologies to Suka on this issue. He knows what I mean.

5. Start writing. There are things I wanna write about and I just wanna pen these things down; just for the joy of concretion. I've said this before - the reason I try to blog is because it brings some form of discipline in my otherwise unplanned attitude and I feel that a li'll more writing can help.

6. Travel a little more. I'm supposed to go to Denver in April and I really wanna visit at least one new country (I am thinking of some place in Europe) and two more places in US if possible.

7. Pursue film making a little more seriously. I figured that this is the most unlikely one coz you need to risk a lot to make this happen or be really lucky and meet the right people. Somehow my dream of bumping into some resourceful guy doesn't seem to be taking shape. So let this be an outside resolution - something I really want even though the "real"ly part seems unlikely. Lesse!

There are more but the more plans I make the chances of breaking them increases. Plus I'm not exactly Mr. Planner - so why fool myself :)) I shall sign off wishing everyone great luck with their New Year plans and once again - A Very Happy New Year.

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