Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Keeping myself Bus-y
For the lack of anything to do (actually that's untrue coz I had some stuff to read but was too lazy/reluctant to take out the book from my bag) I tried to observe how the seats in a bus get filled up. I would have guessed that people occupy seats soleley based on the nearest empty seat but I (one of the earliest to get up on the bus) myself proved to be an aberration to this rule. I chose the seat in the middle of the bus based on the following two points:

1. I like the feeling of being in the center as I am a lover for symmetry.
2. The seats in the center are shaped like UUUU as opposed to EEEE so you can have more leg space.

Thereafter I tried to see how other people chose to sit in the bus (yeah yeah pure joblessness). Most people dint follow the "closest empty seat" rule. Here are some trends I observed:

1. People respect other's privacy and try to space themselves out till they can't any more (there will be the occasional guy who'll just take the first seat that's free and you will have to remove your bag from the seat for him though he could have chosen a zillion other places).

2. Girls in general like to choose a seat next to another girl if no neighbor-free seat is left.

3. Guys normally like to sit next to a girl if no neighbor-free seat is left.

4. There are some people who like to be left alone and take the extreme seats on the corners hoping that no one will bug them.

That's it - this is my new research topic - from address buses to buses that actually take you to addresses - what a digression!

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