Sunday, December 26, 2004

The little bag
I believe a few bored women read this blog to further increase their boredom. I have a sincere plea to all of them - please explain to me the mystery of the little bag that women carry. For those who don't know what I am talking abt - a lot of women these days carry a small accompanying bag that doesn't look fit enuff for carrying anything of use. Yet, at least three-four times I have been amazed at the efficacy of "the bag". You hurt your toe and ask the girl in front of you if she has a band aid in her bag and she will amaze you with a band aid and an anti-septic creme as well. You need to take down someone's contact info and you don't have a pen - so you ask the girl in front of you and she'll not only give you a pen but will also give you a little pad; mirror, make-up, towel, cell phones, spare clothes, half-eaten hamburger, shoes, half built house - you name it and it's there in that bag. How? How is it physically possible to think of anything you want and have it in that bag. On the other hand I carry around a gigantic bag that carries my laptop and a whole bunch of stuff I don't use and every time I am in need for something I fall back to my female friends for their "bag". I need to unravel this mystery. Help me!

If i post a comment does it make me a bored woman or does it mean i am trying to bell the 'curious cat'...i dunno. Right now my bag contains most of what u mentioned barring the house, shoes, clothes and that half-eaten hamburger and it is as big if not bigger than the normal laptop bag :p
but if you ask me, some mysteries are more charming when left as they are.

And hey! thanks for ur note. coming from someone whose blog i visit everyday, it says a lot!
if we told you that little secret, then we wld lose our mysterious hold over you. ;)
i think those little bags are daft...
(me little judgemental thing).
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