Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry X-Mas
A very Merry X-Mas to all - have a wonderful festive season.

Moi spent last night and the wee hours of morning partyig with my sister and her friends in this place called Tolly Club. Some observations:

1. Kolkata has a higher "pretty quotient" now. Abhik and I used to joke that a lot of parents just waited for us to leave the city before letting their daughters out. Chaaah!

2. There are some people who just look around in a party to see who is looking around.

3. A girl throwing up still amuses people a lot more than a girl growing up. (p.s. nothing like a growing up girl who is throwing up I guess).

4. People sill play Ricky Martin (wasn't he termed archaic a decade ago).

5. A lot of obnoxious couples use kissing in public as a last resort to reflect coolness.

6. If your girl friend is wearing (?) a thread and a little top to hold that thread and some guy lustily stares at her, then it's a stupid idea to ask him - "What are you looking at?"

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