Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Musings from Bangkok
I spent a fair fraction of the already spent 12 hrs in the Bangkok Airport (of the 20 hours halt I have) thinking on random stuff. e.g. Is the guy in the pin drawing on toilet signs naked? Obviously we can make out that the girl is wearing a skirt - but what abt the guy - and do these symbols have a different meaning in Scotland where men wear kilts? Yeah - that random! Also noticed a general tendency of Indians (irrespective of what part of India they are from) to wear a lot of gold jewelry to show their coolness - the airport is full of such women who are dazzling the place beyond imagination. Also received a massage - no not the naughty types but a good invigorating one for my head and shoulders. This reminds me of a funny anecdote - but shall blog abt that later.

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