Saturday, December 25, 2004

No more Kolkata 1.0
Modi insists I not mention my home town in subsequent posts and moi shall try. I feel provoked to write abt my annual summary now but then I shall wait for another day or two. For now let me mention Indian TV channels and their changes since I last left the country.

For starters - Channels have re-packaged themselves OR maybe they have just started new channels - whatever be the case I am confused. They have Star One and Sahara One and both these channels write the ONE as the prominent factor - confusing me completely. News channels have broken themselves into Hindi and English channels and all this makes things fairly complicated. Moreover, the continuous bickering between the cable operators and the service providers makes all these channels very ephemeral. Bottomline - the abundance of choice in not necessarily a synonym for variety. I remember Ellen Degeneres mentioning once that there was a time when we had just two channels and people would have to endure whatever they played - but now we have so many channels and we use this plethora of options to finally watch human beings eat horse testicles - yes, we have progressed :)

Another funny thing is Tehelka - I don't know whether they are targeting me particularly BUT this is the third time that I have come down to Kolkata and Tehelka has come up with an expose. Whatever be the case I like Tarun Tejpal and his brand of "unconventional" journalism.

Things which haven't changed in six months (actually in three years for that matter) - Jassi still looks the same, Tulsi (of Kyunki Saas fame (?)) still cries incessantly, Cyrus Broacha is still funny and the program CID is still churning re-runs. More later.

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