Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Off for India
Well, will be heading off for India in another few hours. I have a 20 hour halt in Bangkok and still have no clue as to what I'll do out there - the prospect of leaving the airport (will require a visa = money + they have an entrance tax = money) and sleeping over in the night in a hotel (= more money) effectively means a lot of money. The other option is to sleep in the airport and go and check out the place again (I had a halt in Bangkok earlier too). Haven't decided. After that I plan to be in Bangalore for a week (16-22). After that I reach Kolkata. Now I have net access at home but am not sure abt my connectivity status till then. So blogging might take a back seat till the 22nd. However, I plan to blog whenever I can - as a matter of fact I once blogged from Singapore and it'll be cool to blog from both Bangkok and Bangalore - lesse, shall try for sure. So, keep reading and may GOD bless.

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