Monday, December 27, 2004

Pics from Kolkata
Here are two pics from my moments of insanity last night ...

This photo was taken in Swabhumi where a guy and his lady love were sitting next to us and the guy was feeding his "dahling" some "chana". So Amitabh and I insisted that we sit next to them and feed each other too. Sadly, the couple left after seeing us express "our love" :( (you can see the girl in pink in the pic actually)

This one was taken inside the multiplex (where I saw Musafir for the second time). Hemo, Debo and Amitabh insisted that I play spoil sport to Shahrukh and Preeti's romance - if you are wondering why I am "approaching" Shahrukh as opposed to Preeti it's coz the gatekeeper was hushing us away and I struck the pose without even checking out which side of the poster I was on.

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