Monday, December 27, 2004

Rap on the face
Na! The coming year will surely see me emerging as a lousy rap artist. Now all I need to do is find a niche market for myself - right now I'm contemplating whether that should be (a)techie rapper (b)Bengali-gangster rapper or (c)schizzophrenic mix of the two. Please help me decide - these samples might help you gauge which one I'll suck most at:

The Techie Trackie - SuckoMeter rating - High

Yo! yo! techies
With your C and Java
Meet Mr. Nandy,
The new age luvah
I'll take your web page
And make it whack
Put some flash animation
And an MP3 track
So join the wide web
And make it your house
Groove with Tech Rapper
At the click of a mouse

Bongstar Gangster - SuckoMeter rating - Super high

I've got the moves of Mithun
And the strokes of Ganguly
They call me gangster-dada
Thirty three percent Bangali

I grew up on the wild side
The tough roads of Kol
I'm as dry as a sandesh
As wet as mishti ghol

I rub shoulders with East Bengal
Mohan Bagan's my homie
Yeah! I'm the Bengali gangstah
It's time that you know me

id really like to know what that was all about.
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