Thursday, December 30, 2004

Met up with Abhik after almost a year. Both he and Sanjay looked very tired and kept saying that we are getting old - so I started feeling old too :(( Three single men - it was only a matter of time before we would get down to talking abt the remote possibility of us ever getting wives for ourselves. I suggested preparing a marriage resume ...

I am sure you've met job seeking people who say - "Hey, I'll just send you my resume so that you can forward it to your boss". The marriage resume will be the same thing. "I'll forward it to you and you can send it to your boss if she is a single woman; else forward it to whoever you want" - that is the idea. The resume will have the basic info - age, height, educational qualification. It will have recommendations from three referees - hopefully my neighbors and past room mates who'll vouch for good habits and decency. There'll be mention of my past "employers" (?) where my ex-es can share their experiences of working with me and why I "quit" the job (or got fired). I'll also mention my skill set - languages known et al. Seriously, isn't there a striking similarity in the kind of stuff we want to know before hiring someone as an employee and the kind of stuff we want to know before settling down with someone????

I don't know if this conversation between the three of us was a result boredom or a result of our sorry state :(?! Blah.

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