Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Well well! Feel like opening up a bit (or maybe these things just came to mind and I need an excuse to put it here). Whatever be the case - here are some things that I have purposely not shared with too many people due to their possibly high embarrassment quotient. If you have done (do) any of them and you are not embarrassed - even better:

1. In a quiz in class 5 I had guessed that the legendary Pink Panther theme tune was composed by Pink Floyd.

2. I often watch E! True Hollywood Story.

3. During my first year in undergrad someone gifted me Aqua's "Barbie Girl" and I actually played it quite a few times.

4. I still don't know the exact orientations of North, South, East and West (there are lots of funny stories abt this).

5. In spite of being a CS grad student I have never been able to configure and run Outlook from any of my machines (interestingly my dad does this with absolute ease even though he is computer-usage-wise challenged :))

i didn't learn how to turn on the gas till i was in class 12. and i didnt learn how to strike a match till i went to college and had to deal with the delhi powercuts. bohut bhoye petam tar aage.
oh, and someone asked me yesterday and i had no clue when gandhi died, what he was doing in 1942 or frankly very much clue abt the indian national movt. and i am apparently doing a PhD in south asian history.
eta amar supervisor na porlei hoye- onar theke taka bagabar chesta korchhi. heh.
No shame in the Pink Panther-Pink Floyd connection. We have all been there, some more often than others.
When India won the Cricket World Cup, my Dad distributed sweets saying "Kapil has lifted the World Cup". As a 6 yr old, I thought Kapil Dev was the strongest man in this world. He lifted this World(Earth) by putting that in a Cup :)

Still amusing is the fact that till I was 10 yrs old..I thought all the waste(yes everything) that we throw in the dustbin..goes and falls in SriLanka. Since, it is just beneath India.

As you see I did not have the knowledge of Gravity & other laws of Physics.
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