Monday, December 13, 2004

Sex, lies and no videotapes
Paper complete! Whoaaa! Back to blogging.

I just read Antara's blog abt the Outlook sex survey and a childhood episode came to mind. Now, I have one of the most liberal parents, but things weren't always this way. People who were avid watchers of Doordarshan in the pre-cable days know that 9 o' clock meant a Nirodh (the cheapest birth control after celibacy I guess) ad on TV. I must have been 7-8 when, driven to the point of frustrating curiosity, I went and asked my mom and dad what Nirodh was. My mom, for some very obscure reason, told me that it was a kind of butter and that is why they advertise it. Hmmm! I was completely satisfied with the explanation till I somehow figured out that Nirodh helped in preventing child birth - that's when tension began coz I wasn't sure if the butter Mummum was serving with toast in the morning was Nirodh or not. So I gathered courage again and asked her if it was Nirodh butter that I was having for breakfast. I don't know what she said, but boy - imagine I got to know abt birds and bees through "bread and butter" - eeeew!!!

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