Monday, December 27, 2004

My sis is currently "friendly" with a guy who is from my batch. However, most of my sis's male friends are slightly wary in front of me because they aren't sure if I am the strict and possessive brother (some of them have told her in the past that I seem to scare them). So they treat me with added respect. So in spite of being from my batch this guy treats me like I am much older to him. He ushers a great amount of care to ensure that I am comfortable - making me very uncomfortable. The funniest thing happened the other night when we went dancing together and he was dancing with my sis. Suddenly he realized that I am standing alone and to make me feel comfortable (or himself less uncomfortable) he came and started dancing with me. I tried to tell him that I'd rather stand alone on the dance floor but before I could say anything this guy forced me into holding his hand while he did a fancy twirl-resembling move - just try imagining the sight and you’ll get a hint of how hilarious the whole thing looked :)

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