Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Sunday in CA
I got terribly frustrated this afternoon and called up Ari and the two of us cribbed for a while. Just look at the change - let's compare a standard Sunday here (today) with Sundays in the last two places I resided in (Kolkata and Pilani):

10.30 am - wake up
10.30-11 - read TOI and specially the colorful Sunday supplement
11-11.30 - wake Kittu up and sit in his room and talk
11.45 - get everybody ready to go to the mess for lunch
12-12.45 - have lunch with amazing french fries, kachauri and paneer on menu
till 2 - contemplate whether to watch a movie or sleep again
2-4 sleep again
5 - go and meet G
5-11 spend the most wonderful evening with G
11 - back to room
11-12 talk nothings in Kittu's room or Asad's room
12 - sleep off

11 am - wake up
11.15 - ask mom for toothpaste
11.30 - brush your teeth
12 - mom forces you to eat breakfast even though you insist that she serve lunch
12.15 - 1 - watch TV (mainly Hindi movie song clippings)
1 - tell mom you are hungry again
1-2 - on the telephone (with Pummy complaining in between); fix a meeting with Ronny for the evening
2.30 - mom serves lunch - the most amazing prawn dish and slender french fries - aaaaaaaah!!!!!
3.15 - take a shower
4.00 - go out and meet Ronny in Park St.
4-6.00 - walk around Park St with Ronny and maybe Amitabh and make at least one trip to Barrista; discuss either Ronny's friends whom I don't know or my friends Ronny is oblivious about; eat chicken rolls in front of Karnani Mansion; bottomline - have woonderful time
6-6.30 - decide on a dinner place
7.00-8.00 - dinner
8.30 - back home
8.30-9.30 - bug Pummy or get bugged
10-12.00 - watch some English movie
12-1.00 - watch Hindi movie clippings
1.30 - sleep off

... and now take a Sunday in San Diego
9 am - wake up at the sound of Subs eating breakfast
9-10 - check emails and blogs and emails and blogs and emails
11 - brush teeth + have breakfast or have breakfast + brush teeth
11-12 - watch TV (either MTV Hip Hop countdown or some movie)
12-2 - call up people and do week's quota of catching up OR watch TV
2 - cook lunch - no prawn, no french fries - just some chicken dish I make and call by diff names based on whether I am adding sour cream to it or not
2.30-4 - sleep (coz there is nothing else to do)
4-4.30 - shower
4.30-6 - TV
6-7 - gym
7-8 - dinner at home (normally milk and cereal)
8-9 - bug housemates by telling them that I am getting bored in SD
9-11.30 - go and watch a movie alone
12 - come back home and watch another movie or BBC or MTV
1.15 - zzzzz!

You decide!

I see a similarity between the feelings expressed in this blog and my last blog :(

Let's hit the club next weekend!!
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