Friday, December 24, 2004

What are friends for?
While chatting with Sourav abt Chacha Chowdhury this afternoon I figured that I am lucky to have friends with whom I can discuss extremely varied subjects. Here goes the list of the most common topics of discussions with some of my close friends:

Talk: Nonsense, fictional love life, fictional marriage prospects, career frustrations, Bay Area Indians, colleagues.
Don't talk: Personal problems, family

Talk: GOD, philanthropy, philospohy, love life
Don't talk: Inane stuff, bitching abt other people (Nileen the darling is totally against gossiping)

Talks: Love life, movies, inane jokes, occasional frustration, school stories
Don't talk: Family

Talk: Career, Kolkata, philosophy, ambition
Don't talk: Women

Talk: Inane stuff, Hindi films and music, school
Don't talk: Nothing that serious

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