Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A battle launched
An adage adding age - A fly can fly but a mosquito can't mosquito.

The household of the Geeks has been infested with flying menaces. These beasts are different from the ones found in India. I guess the foreign training adds to their skills. The bastards multiply in bulk and bite aplenty, thereby aggravating the otherwise composed members of our household. Initially the residents Googled to identify the exact nature of these creatures. Research revealed that they weren't menacing mosquitoes, nor flying flies, nor flight-less fleas. Yet they duplicated the harassment of all these creatures and added their own personal touch to worsen matters further. We tried chemicals, cleanliness (this one drained us) and occasional fanning but learnt an important lesson the hard way - any group that manages to procreate faster than you blink is a difficult enemy. However, we launched a battle as well. After innumerable moral debates we decided to use the one advantage we had over these flying fu*ks - our ability to think. The kitchen was emptied and lined with remnants of tasty leftovers. We waited. They did not. The voracious creeps plunged to get a stomach's fill; all together; and Dipu and I, armed with paper towel rolls, squashed them mercilessly in bulk quantities. The hundreds were soon reduced to meager tens, but those tens managed to escape. As I write this account they are planning a next round of attack and screwing at an alarming rate to screw our happiness again. The war has just begun.

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