Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Big Man
I normally don't post on serious stuff but this incident really touched me. We had gone to the temple and there was a little kid (6-7 years old) who was selling flutes there. The kid came and asked my mom and dad to buy a flute and they refused politely. The kid dint pester and simply told them "Please buy something the next time you come down." The kid was very well mannered and my mom called him and offered him five rupees. To all our dismay the kid politely declined the money, saying he wanted to earn the money and not receive charity. We then bought a flute but the post is not abt that.

In all my twenty-something years of education I don't think I have learnt the lesson of honesty and character half as well as this boy has. It's a pity that such kids are not even getting the basic opportunities that all of us reading this blog got. I have absolutely no qualms accepting that this little boy is a far bigger man than I am or can think of being. Hat's off.


Nice blog.. btw.. can u leave ur mail id as a comment in the BITSian blog so I can add you ?

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