Thursday, January 13, 2005

Check List
Suitcase - arrived
Shower - taken
Work - oops
Money - oops
Sleep - long over due
Yawns - abundant
Food - treat me
Movies - craving
Love - ha ha ha
Laughter - well the entry on love just gave me some.

Later ...

Have been a reader of your post for sometime.
Just wanted to way thanks, for the quiet chuckles if not for all the fish :)
Did kind of know you long ago in calcutta (quizzing etc.,) but that was too long ago and I'm sure you won't remember.
drop in to my (virtual)den sometime.
i read your blog regularly...i think u r really witty..and very pretty
as flattered as i am - i would like to believe that "pretty" is not a compliment for a guy :( and in case it wasn't evident from my posts that i am a guy that's even sadder
Gosh, I dont know how to say this but I just have to read your blog everyday. And when I said pretty I really meant it. I think we should meet up to take this further.
sure sure :) since you read my blog you'll know that my SD social life is close to its nadir (hmmm, wanted to use this term for a long time). name a place and time and i will reach there 15 mins in advance with popcorn and soda in hand :)
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