Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A small incident from Bangkok Airport. I bumped into Sanjay (it's funny coz the two of us met each other in three different countries in two months). Yanyway, Sanjay had two female colleagues with him and we got talking abt sweet nothings over some really bland Thai food. One of the girls saw another girl (unknown one) and said "Aaaaah! I wish I had skin like her's. It's just soooo ... and have you seen her complexion? It is soooo ..." Both Sanjay and I started laughing coz a girl can say such stuff and get away but imagine a guy saying "I just wish I had a beard line like that guy ... and have you seen his chest hair ... I wish I had the same." Nope - everybody will pounce upon us. We men can barely be happy - forget being gay ...

*grin*...women's lib?!!
I remember the time I was in a bar with a friend (girl), and this couple walked in. The girl was dressed like a swiss cheese and the guy was built like a tank. My friend proceeded to call this girl over and compliment her on her great body. Now I realised that if I said the same thing to either the girl or the guy, I would probably have been flattened.

Such are the unfairnesses of life.
talk abt unfairness ani - had you complimented the girl, even then you would have been flattened by the dude - neither can we compliment the men nor the women - all we can do is try and at least complement the ladies
Ok, that has to be the WORST pun in the history of bad puns.
no way ani - I have been privy to worse ones :) take this tripple one:

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Who Hu?
Haan, baba, Hu hi hoon!
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