Friday, January 28, 2005

The Coupon System
My sis has a boy friend (or what she calls "we're just good friends") and I think I'd mentioned the guy in some post earlier. Yanyway, I was on the phone with Mummum and she was telling me that my sis has to come up with really innovative excuses to either go out or spend more time with this guy. The other day she called up Mummum from college and said that "the library is too crowded and she needs more time to find a book". Then there is the standard "couldn't have lunch because of classes and so am going for a late lunch". However, Mummum was most impressed by this evening's "Mummum, it's raining so heavily that it's unsafe to drive and we are just waiting on the side of the road". Apparently, the rain continued it's downpours for quite some time, even though a little distance away it was dry in front of our house :)) So, Mummum was telling me that she has started feeling bad for her daughter, given that these excuses need a fair amount of innovation, acting and hard work. So I suggested that Mummum comes up with a coupon system. Mummum should give Pummy "ten hours of coupon time" per week. Pummy can use this time in whatever way she wants. In case she exhausts her weekly coupons she can buy extra coupons at premium rate by studying more. Similarly coupons can also be saved and used later. The inspiration for my idea??? The zillions of "cell phone plan" ads running on TV. However, both Mummum and the doting brother insists that this "coupon plan" have only daytime minutes :)

wierd, eh?
once again i insist - the whole conversation was a joke between my mom and me - pretty much nothing i talk, say or write ever has an iota of seriousness in it. now that, i would say, is weird, eh!
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