Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Critiquing a literary piece
It's time this blog deals with something serious. A spam mail I received and its analysis follows:

The mail.

Your night has been confirmed with Janice.

Time: Evening
Location: Her Home within 1 mile of you
Attire: Dress casual, bring swimwear
Expectation(s): Pizza/movie, then the "real" fun...or whatever comes first. Quote from Janice: "My husband is out of town for the whole week. If the first affair goes over well, let's just say it will be a wild week. Bring your trunks for the hot-tub too. I have all my lingerie ready for this. Can't wait to meet you."

The male.

Dear Janice,

I must say I'm touched. However, I do have some questions. I am a graduate student and hence low on budget. So do I pay for the pizza or do you treat me?? Moving on to the "real" fun, I'd like to know whatever you meant by "whatever". The last time someone told me "we will do whatever" we landed up watching Legally Blonde II and I want to learn from my mistakes. At this point I should also let you know that I have an assignment due mid-week. So if we are having a "wild week" will you give me two days off and if possible plot some graphs for me too. I'm also a mild lover of personal hygiene and would love to know how often you wash your hot tub coz it appears things get pretty hot in there. I shall eagerly wait for your answers to these questions. BTW in case you decide not to meet me please read my blog!

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