Sunday, January 23, 2005

Dance Mania
It's three in the morning and I have reached that phase where one stops being sleepy even though sleep is long overdue. I'm slightly pissed right now so this post might sound bitter. We went for a Bhangra Party and I just came back home. Now I normally have reservations for Indian Dance parties in SD. The few that I've attended haven't been the most exciting ones. They normally have 4 girls dancing in the middle of the dance floor with a zillion guys doing something around them which looks amusing and scary at the same time. I normally play the silent observer because I can't dance for nuts, noodles or fried chicken. Some people have even termed my reluctance to be an attention grabbing technique. Interestingly, they are the same people who then go and try to imitate Jackie Chan on the dance floor; an act that is surely meant to "blend them" with the crowd. Blah!

Yanyway, tonight's party had good music, no food and a decent crowd. My friends took extra care to ensure that I at least tried to dance and as a result of their efforts I have officially elevated from a "terrible non-dancer" to a "mediocre bad dancer". I was exceptionally proud of my 4-step "shake butt while moving front, shake butt while moving back, shake butt, shake butt" move. For a person with my track record in dance, this is a laudable improvement. To convince the already bored reader of my ineptitude, I shall end this post with a dance related incident from my undergrad days. Once upon a time ...

... Moi was a young(er) man who had come home for some vacation. An attractive female (the likes who could do serious harm to their reputation by being seen with me) had very kindly asked me to be her date for a dance night in a city club. Kind that I am and pretty that she was, I agreed. On reaching the venue I started shaking all parts of my body save the legs in fear of dancing. After playing a silent observer to my trepidation, the mute became brute. I was dragged to the dance floor. That's when I decided to unravel my dance steps for all to see. For the next ten minutes I tried my level best to do what I thought was "dance" in order to match the groovy steps of this girl. Just when I was convinced that I was totally rocking, this girl told me, "When you are anyway on the dance floor, why are you just standing still? You might as well start dancing." That's it! Enuff! That's it.

It is safer to err on the side of stillness.
Have you blogged about the Girl Who Wanted (and got) an Introduction to the Boy from New York?
A still error is an error still :(

No, the details of the girl from New York and her meeting has been left out from this part of the web :)
Ha ha ha...

it couldn't have got any better. People at my work place have started eyeing me suspiciously.
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