Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Day's account
A brief account of the day:

1. Watched this movie called Where's the Party Yaar on Star Movies. Now I have made my aversion towards ABCD movies, which ridicule the whole Indian American scene in US, evident in quite a few posts but this movie had to be one of the WORST ones of the genre. It was obnoxious to the core, playing to every possible cliched in the house. The whole movie is based on an Indian called Hari Patel who speaks with an accent that is not from any part of India, doesn't know how to use an escalator and exclaims by saying "Ai Ai O". It's a very bad movie - people in India check it out for the sheer fun of it.

2. Went out with Hemo and Matt - Hemo is a friend of mine from school and Matt is her American husband. We went shopping and it was thoroughly amusing to have an American accompany us coz everybody treats you so differently. While on the topic of Hemo and Matt; we went to a restaurant where some server started talking to us in a very funny English accent even though we were using Bengali. A most hilarious exchange happened and I'm not making this up:

Hemo: Can we have the chicken wanton?
Server: Oh, sure you can.
Hemo: Will you then get it for us?
Server (very emphatic): I definitely will.
Hemo: Thank you.
Server: Have a good day.

3. I also tried teaching Matt Bengali. My best effort was to tell him that "ador" (which is Bengali for affection) is like "adore". I also taught him a Bengali song which he sang to Hemo. Very amusing.

guess what ! i saw that movie on star movies too!!!

then changed to HBO which was showing a film called taboo.. seen it?
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