Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Echoes of Madness
it's difficult to let go.
holding on to a solitary branch
knowing the gorge awaits beneath.
hoping against hope
for a hand to come out and reach!

but then, it was you who took the plunge.
when all men left for land
you got smitten by the depth.
seeking poetry in a sight so stark;
seeking light in a place so dark;
you chose the path untread.

it's still ain't late, the wise men say
just start all over again
the hand you seek is else's now
and shall bring no more but pain
"wake up," the voices echo on
dream a whole new dream
seek a land you have not touched
wade an all new stream

Its ironic to say the sweetest thing of a compliment for the saddeth of the tale told. but defying the above sentence, utterly splendid echoes..you have penned.

last seen on a bungee-jump company's logo:
"Why live on the edge when you can jump off it!"
You have inspired me to go ahead and post my poem on similar lines...
Chait and Kumari - the bad poet in me feels good thanks to the good people in you
eto baitha bhaalo na.. not for u and not for those who care about you
You write well... and unlike some, it seems completely unforced. And is definitely not aantel !
Who ... me? :) thanks.
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