Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Ex-Files
Dedicated to my Ex, G, a sweety 3.14159

I sit back at times to Ex-amine our past. We were Ex-cellent together. Hours of Ex-patiating; Ex-chaging thoughts and opinions on every possible subject. We understood each other Ex-actly; no pretence, no covers. Just a glimpse of you would Ex-ude a smile so wide on my face. Every time one of us needed the other, a helping hand was Ex-tended; a hand we didn't want to let go of. Your presence Ex-alted my desires to aspire and achieve and I believe I wasn't the worst of influences on you either. SO what happened then? Can the tumultuous downward journey be Ex-plained? I guess we started Ex-pecting too much from each other; Ex-cessive wants created unnecessary issues. We started Ex-huming past incidents that were meant to be long forgotten. Soon our wants reached Ex-treme heights; heights so high that we could not overcome them. What was once a wonderful present became an Ex-tinct past. I hoped we would Ex-tend our times together for the years to come but ... hmmm! What more can you Ex-pect from a person like me? Seriously.

Ex-cellent Ex-tract of an Ex-quisite Ex-perience.
thank you mom, dad and kumari. i am Ex-tremely grateful :)
So what does our relationship amount to? Ex-creta?

You Ex-ploited me, you Ex-%$^$^%^

trust you ronny dam, trust you :)
I know what to Ex-pect from a person like you... Loads of good posts, great sense of humour and of course wonderful more compilers... :)
I also know that its a bit too late that I am commenting on this post, but then I felt like it... Well, it happens buddy... all in the game of life.. :)
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