Thursday, January 06, 2005

Filmi - very filmi
Rathish mentioned his plans to start writing and directing a film. I have been toying with this idea myself for a while and have mentioned it here a zillion times too. As part of my New Year resolutions I decided to be a little more serious abt this. Now, for starters, I have to be realistic. Nobody is going to let me make a big movie for them and for all practical purpose I'll have to produce my first (presumptuous assumptions are that seeing this movie people will let me direct more movies :)) movie on my own with my modest (meager) savings. i'll try to use my friends as actors and actresses (GOD has been kind to give me some really talented friends) except for the roles in which i can't use them. Blah blah blah!

I adored Reservoir Dogs (by Tarantino) because if you know the background to the film you'll know that Tarantino worked with a shoestring budget and that's why a major chunk of the movie is based in a small deserted room. The whole movie is dialogue based and the tension builds because of the conversations and not the sets and gadgets. The end result was a brilliant masterpiece that is a must-see for all first time directors. Blah Blah.

Based on all this, sometime last year, I came up with a story idea which I have just started developing as a script. There are two reasons for mentioning it here - (a) letting it out on the web - cheapest way to get some copyright :) and (b) find prospective actors/actresses/producers who will show interest for working on zero (to near zero) remuneration (except for the producer). Blah Blah.

The story is based in a small hotel in India (yeah! my savings aren't enuff to make the movie in US) and has 9 principal characters. There are four couples from four different stages of relationships - (i) a college couple who are just out on a secret vacation (ii) a couple who have been married for more than twenty years and are happily settled (iii) a cheating couple where both the partners are married to other people and are there to lend promiscuity a li'll support and (iv) a couple who are on the verge of a divorce and are using this outing as a last resort to mend their rocky marriage.

The hotel is located in a small town that is cut off from city life and is slightly isolated (you've seen this in several films - Identity, Dhund etc.). Yanyway, on the night of the story, after introducing the eight characters, a intruder with a gun (my ninth character) is caught in the hotel. The obvious conclusion is to hand him over to the police but just when the visitors plan to do that he tells them - that one of the eight had asked him to come there to kill his/her partner and if they hand him over to the police they'll never know who that individual is. The rest of the movie shows that irrespective of the stage and nature of the relationship, everyone has reasons to believe that their partner could be the one. The whole movie will be based in the hotel and involves conversations between the principal characters. IF I have enuff money, I'll shoot the four diff couples in four diff color hues and all interactions with the intruder in black and white where color is increasingly introduced to the frames as the mystery unravels. The characters will be such that they speak English and maybe a li'll Hindi. Blah blah.

If you have money and want this piece of crap to be made or have ideas on how to prevent it from being a piece of crap - contact me and we will share the Oscar speech together :)

This is for you & Rathish (coz his page is not letting me comment) --- When u guys do get to direct, you know which door to knock for an actress(!) who is willing to work for donuts(peanuts won't suffice!) :-D All the best!
:) interesting plot :)
liked the idea about shooting in different colors...
hope u convert the story into a movie....
I'd lovvvve to share the OScar speech with you ;)
well u had told me the idea b4.. i could help - sure.. but me have no money...
my uncle although is building a small holiday home in a place called wytri near wynad (hill stn in north kerala). i think it will be a nice location...
Great - two actresses found (thanks Kumari, Chitra), location found with free (hopefully) hospitality (thanks Chitra) - also found someone to share Oscar speech with (thanks Shubh) - where is the darn producer now? show up!!
I know this comment is placed precariously - right after your call for a producer. Let me clarify right in the beginning - I have no money! but the response you are getting is definitely encouraging :) You would need an assistant director don't you - well your search ends here :-) I have a suggestion - let's sit together, write some plays first, screen them and get some money because plays are definitely cheaper. Moreover 1, we get some good exposure, actors and contacts and 2, we collect enough money to shoot your movie :))
was going thro' ur archives(like a typical IT professional in India -jobless with a job!) n cudnt help but comment on dis one -have u found ur producer yet? :))
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